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Perfect for families with kids or just friends. Experience Norway at seafront. Great for fishing, diving, biking, kiting or easy hiking.

Modern, 200 m2, apartment build in 2016. 5 bedrooms with 10 beds (or 5 double, as you like) 2 baby beds are also available. Big kitchen, livingroom and bathroom. Additional bathroom and toilets are available 1st floor. 


Airbnb feedback 

" Very nice and stylish apartment. Also safe for young children. The surroundings are relaxing and the view on the sea is beautiful. Overall a very good place for a quiet family break. "

"Fantastic place to get away from it all. Panoramic views, quality apartment and direct access to the sea for fishing/kajak trips."

"Wonderful place, with open and large view to the ocean from almost every place in the appartment. Delicate decorations and just the right amount. The possibility to make breakfast or dinner with this view was absolute fabulous."

ØrlAND SEAVIEW Apartment

Garten brygge og atlanterhavet
Garten brygge med Gartkviga i bakgrunn
Garten brygge sørside
Gartenbrygge nordside
Utsikt mot vesten
Utsikt mot Nord
Perfekt å drikke morgen kaffe
Nok av kokemuligheter
Sitte sammen med 12 stykk
Åpen til stuen
Havutsikt fra god stolen
Gode sitteplasser i stuen
Godt med kjøleskap
hele 200m2
Captains cabin
Enough kitchen accessories
Badet med dusj
Muilghet å komme til med båt
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